Innovation award for embedded systems engineering course

Congratulations to Armin Wasicek, who won an award on innovation in teaching for a course on embedded systems engineering at Vienna University of Technology! The course teaches hands-on experience with uses the ESE-board for practical exercises, homework, and examinations. The special thing on this course is that it supports accessing the lab from home. This does not mean simulation, but access to the real hardware including a feedback channel informing the user about the current measurements and displays.The main components of the solution are a lab full of ESE-boards, a server providing board access, and a visualization framework (“Remote Workplace”) written in Java that displays the current state of the I/O components on the board in real-time. In contrast to solutions using a camera for transmitting images, the presented solution provides a higher accuracy and resolution while requiring less data traffic.


Remote workplace software and ESE-board


A previous version of this system received the E-Learning Award 2006/07 for supporting lab courses via Internet at distant locations.


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