Model-based development using open source tools

Embedded systems engineering faces increasing demands for more functionality, rapidly evolving components, and shrinking schedules. Model-based development promises higher comprehension by modeling on several abstraction-levels, formal verification, and automated code generation. Typically, tools for model-based embedded systems development are closed source and expensive. However, with the Scicos/SynDEx framework, there exists also an open source solution. Scicos is a modeling and simulation environment for hybrid systems. SynDEx is a rapid prototyping integrated development environment for distributed systems. In his thesis, Bernhard Fischer demonstrates how these tools are used together and analyzes the capabilities of the approach.
The addressed research question tackles the feasibility of MBD for medium-sized embedded systems. In the case of single-processor applications experiments show that the comforts of tool-provided simulation, verification, and code-generation have to be weighed against an additional memory consumption in dynamic and static memory compared to a hand-written approach. Establishing a near-seamless modeling-framework with Scicos/SynDEx is expensive. An increased development effort indicates a high price for developing single applications, but might pay off for product families. The Scicos/SynDEx framework turned out to be a valuable tool set that, however, could use the one or the other improvement.


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