An Orchestra of Bits and Bytes: Time-Triggered Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Multi-sensor object tracking is an important feature for advanced driver assistance systems in future automobiles. Most state-of-the-art systems cannot guarantee deterministic processing of the sensor values due to unsynchronized sensing and processing units. To overcome this shortcoming we propose a paradigm shift towards a time-triggered system architecture providing a deterministic bus system, synchronized nodes, and a global time-base. In a time-triggered system, all actions like sensing, actuating and transmitting data are scheduled according to a predefined schedule – similar to the coordinated playing of an orchestra.
Simulation results have previously indicated that although non-time-triggered approaches perform well in scenarios with low process noise, the time-triggered model becomes advantageous in potentially dangerous scenarios with high dynamics. In order to validate the results of the simulation for real life scenarios, we analyzed test drives derived from a testbed featuring a Volkswagen Touran being equipped with a laser scanner, a stereo camera system, a FlexRay communication system, an object tracking subsystem and a differential GPS system as reference.


About Wilfried Elmenreich

Understanding the communication networks of the future.
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