JProwler – A simple Wireless Network Simulator in Java

When I was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbuilt University in 2005, I learnt about a Wireless Network Simulator named JProwler. JProwler evolved from a simulator named PROWLER, short for Probabilistc Wireless Network Simulator.

What I liked was the compact format, the whole simulator fits into less than 20 well-structured Java classes, while implementing a simulator with different timing modes, a graphical display and an event-based underlying simulation engine.

For this reason, I still use JProwler in a lecture on network simulation as an example how a simulator could be implemented from scratch. Unfortunately, a student recently told me that the offificial download for JPROWLER is gone, therefore I provide the code, which is under a free software license here for download:

See also this paper from the authors of PROWLER and JPROWLER explaining the concepts:

G. Simon, P. Volgyesi, M. Maroti, and A. Ledeczi, “Simulation-based optimization of communication protocols for large-scale wireless sensors networks,” Proceedings of the IEEE Aerospace Conference 3:1339–1346, March, 2003.

and this work showing what can be done with JPROWLER:

H. Adam, W. Elmenreich, C. Bettstetter, and S. M. Senouci. CoRe-MAC: A MAC-protocol for cooperative relaying in wireless networks. In Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE Global Communication Conference (Globecom), Honolulu, Hawaii, 2009.


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