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JProwler – A simple Wireless Network Simulator in Java

When I was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbuilt University in 2005, I learnt about a Wireless Network Simulator named JProwler. JProwler evolved from a simulator named PROWLER, short for Probabilistc Wireless Network Simulator. … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Eleventh Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems (WISES 2013)

Embedded Systems run our cars and telephones, control production lines and aircraft systems. Meeting the strong requirements regarding the cost, safety, security, size and the power consumption require new and innovative solutions. Providing flexible and configurable systems is nowadays the … Continue reading

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Reading thousand sensors in the blink of an eye

A cyber-physical system is formed by a network of interacting sensors and actuators. With the availability of small inexpensive sensor elements, such a network may contain thousands of interacting sensors. This makes such systems a little bit similar to biological … Continue reading

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Innovation award for embedded systems engineering course

Congratulations to Armin Wasicek, who won an award on innovation in teaching for a course on embedded systems engineering at Vienna University of Technology! The course teaches hands-on experience with uses the ESE-board for practical exercises, homework, and examinations. The … Continue reading

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Smart transducers – Networking sensors and actuators

Smart Transducers are sensors or actuators which are integrated with a local processing unit and a network interface. Continue reading

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A Time-Triggered Fieldbus Protocol: TTP/A

In a time-triggered protocol, the schedules for all messages are predefined and peridocal. So each node in an ensemble knows a priori when to send or when to expect to receive some message. For an overall communication cluster. Time-triggered systems … Continue reading

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