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e-puck – toy or research platform?

An e-puck is a small differential-wheeled robot. The openness of the design makes the e-puck especially interesting for academic use. The hardware and software is under an open source license which allows for modifictaion and redistribution of the design. Besides … Continue reading

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A simple sensor fusion algorithm

Let’s assume, you have a set of sensors measuring the same property. By using competitive sensor fusion (see previous post for an explanation) you expect to increase the accuracy and reliablilty of the result. In the paper [1] you can … Continue reading

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The embedded systems engineering board – cool stuff for learning embedded systems engineering

There are several microcontroller boards availaible – all come with several interfaces for I/O and programming of the MCU flash. However, if you are into distributed systems, the required board should be a networked system. While it is possible to … Continue reading

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