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JProwler – A simple Wireless Network Simulator in Java

When I was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbuilt University in 2005, I learnt about a Wireless Network Simulator named JProwler. JProwler evolved from a simulator named PROWLER, short for Probabilistc Wireless Network Simulator. … Continue reading

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Wireless Time-Triggered Communication using a Firefly Clock Synchronization Approach

In South-East Asia, huge swarms of fireflies synchronously emit light flashes to attract mating partners. The underlying principle can be used to implement a robust and scalable distributed synchronization approach in wireless sensor networks. In this work we implement the … Continue reading

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9th Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems

9TH WORKSHOP ON SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES FOR FUTURE EMBEDDED AND UBIQUITOUS SYSTEMS (SEUS 2013) http://it.korea.ac.kr/SEUS2013/ will be held in Paderborn, Germany, during June 17th to 18th, 2013 (Tentative) SEUS 2013 will be a forum where researchers and practitioners with substantial experiences … Continue reading

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Wireless networks – A case for cooperative relaying

Utilzing diverse channels via cooperative relaying can bypass the fading problems in wireless communications. Continue reading

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