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Applying Kapton Foil Without Bubbles – The Wet Method

Kapton is a polyimide film wich can withstand a wide range of possible temperatures from -269°C to 350°C. Therefore, it is an optimal material to cover the printing bed of a 3D printer. You might have seen the thin yellow … Continue reading

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Programming the Arduino Pro from a PC

I admit, programming the Arduino Pro from a PC is no rocket science, however it is always useful to have a tutorial at hand that shows the steps how it is done. Therefore, I would like to share the experiences … Continue reading

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Making and Programming 3D-Printed Robots is a webpage offering 3D-printable designs and control software for small 3D-printable robots. By building robots from the Make Club webpage one can learn the skills to design and construct own robots. Definitely worth a visit!

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3D Modeling and Printing

3D modeling and printing can be easy if you have the right tools and programs. My experiences with the free Sketch Up Make and the Makerbot Replicator 5G printer are quite positive. Getting started with 3D modeling: Download and install Sketch Up Make … Continue reading

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Hacking Amazon’s Kindle E-Book Security with Lego Mindstorms

Peter Purganthofer, associate professor at the Vienna University of Technology, built an amazing project involving an Amazon Kindle, a computer with built-in webcam and a Lego Mindstorm robot. The robot presses alternately the “next page” button on the Kindle ebook … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Eleventh Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems (WISES 2013)

Embedded Systems run our cars and telephones, control production lines and aircraft systems. Meeting the strong requirements regarding the cost, safety, security, size and the power consumption require new and innovative solutions. Providing flexible and configurable systems is nowadays the … Continue reading

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e-puck – toy or research platform?

An e-puck is a small differential-wheeled robot. The openness of the design makes the e-puck especially interesting for academic use. The hardware and software is under an open source license which allows for modifictaion and redistribution of the design. Besides … Continue reading

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